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Our Motto : A customer today is a Friend tomorrow and Friends are for life.

We have been operating since 2005. Over the years we have always come up new ways how we can better serve our bay area customers. We are the first to introduce making reservations through text message and email. we always adopt new gadgets to serve our customers more effectively, that is one reason lot of the customers are still with us from the beginning of this company. We always appreciate and encourage our customers to suggest us how we can improve this company. Unfortunately a lot of our customer have moved from this area and this country for work and other reason and we always want to be touch with then but before we didn't have any way of keeping contact but now in this days socail media is playing a big role to keeping up with friends and family.

These days Facebook is playing a major role in this social world, especially for small businesses like us. Everyone can like our company pages and we can stay in touch with you for the life. We have couple of pages and 2 Facebook accounts so please join us and give us your valuable suggestions and give us always your support we are nothing without your support and love.